Our Code of Business Ethics


11 January 2019



Respect is the key to all our actions. Just like trust, respect is earned. You have to show respect to earn respect. Our Code of Business Ethics shows how we want to be perceived as a company.

Around the world, all our stakeholders have the right to expect that the Radisson Hotel Group, its hotels, its brands, and all its team members act and take positions on key issues of business ethics with a single voice.

Everyone working for us must have and apply sound judgement guided by the highest personal standards of honesty and integrity in all matters affecting our company. This is a matter of responsibility, confidence and trust.

Operating in as many countries and cultures as we do, we acknowledge diversity as an asset. Certain customs and moral codes vary quite dramatically in our markets. Sometimes laws and regulations vary as well. It’s imperative that all our people abide by local and international legislation.

We recommend any team member with concerns or questions about the Code of Business Ethics to discuss these directly with their supervisor.

We also recognize that a team member may wish to anonymously report serious or sensitive concerns regarding the Code or a possible breach of the Code. If a team member has a concern regarding business ethics at one of our properties that they feel a need to report anonymously, they can do so at ethics.radissonhotels.com.




To establish a level of conduct that is professional and ethical, both in appearance and in fact, for all employees of the Radisson Hotel Group and its hotels.



Radisson Hotel Group (RHG) is committed to maintaining the highest standards of business ethics, honesty and integrity in line with its Responsible Business program for social, ethical and environmental responsibility. This Code of Business Ethics – “The Code” – contains rules and guidelines for our business conduct and responsibilities with regards to colleagues, customers, hotel owners, guests, suppliers, agents, shareholders, authorities, media and the world at large.

All companies and employees of RHG shall comply with the laws and agreements applicable to operations and positions in the countries and jurisdictions where they operate. RHG will not cause or allow any employee to take any action which would result in violation of applicable laws or regulations. RHG will forego any business opportunity that requires a violation of the rules of this policy. This means that each employee must be familiar with and comply with the laws and regulations that govern their job tasks.


  1. We respect the law
  2. We show respect for all persons in all situations
  3. We think ethically
  4. We act fairly
  5. We do not discriminate against anyone for any reason
  6. We are honest and transparent
  7. We are loyal to our employer
  8. We do not exploit company resources
  9. We think of safety at all times
  10. We take care of the Earth


This Code applies to all officers, directors, employees and agents (third parties acting on RHG’s behalf) of RHG and of all its subsidiaries and associated companies. For avoidance of doubt, the Code is applicable to all hotels managed by RHG. The management teams must be role models for all points of contact with internal and external stakeholders. Everyone, to whom this Code applies, is expected to understand and act in accordance with both the Code and the spirit of this Code. The Code will be enforced promptly, consistently, and effectively. Violations by an employee could result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination, being taken against the employee. Business opportunities do not take priority over our reputation or our Code.

If you have a question about the Code or, if you have a concern and the Code does not answer your question or address your concern, please do not hesitate to raise your concern or question. It is your responsibility to report any violations of our Code or applicable law and bring potential problems to RHG’s attention. No retaliation will be taken against an employee for reporting a violation by others in good faith.

In case of doubt, if the US rules (Foreign Corrupt Practices Act – FCPA) or the UK Bribery Act is valid, the strictest set of rules must always be complied with.

Please download the complete Code of Business Ethics by Clicking Here.