Our Code of Business Ethics

Respect is the key to all our actions.
Just like trust, respect is earned.
You have to show respect to earn respect.

  • We respect the law
  • We show respect for all persons in all situations
  • We think ethically
  • We act fairly
  • We do not discriminate against anyone for any reason
  • We are honest and transparent
  • We are loyal to our employer
  • We do not exploit the company's resources
  • We think of safety at all times
  • We take care of the Earth

Why we must show respect?

Around the world, all our stakeholders have the right to expect that the Radisson Hospitality and all its team members act and take positions on key issues of business ethics with a single voice.

Everyone working for us must have and apply sound judgement guided by the highest personal standards of honesty and integrity in all matters affecting our company. This is a matter of responsibility, confidence and trust.

Operating in as many countries and cultures as we do, we acknowledge diversity as an asset. Certainly, customs and moral codes vary quite dramatically in our markets. Sometimes laws and regulations vary as well. It's imperative that all our people abide by local and international legislation.

Our Code of Business Ethics shows how we want to be perceived as a company. It's simply our way of doing business.

We encourage any team member with concerns or questions about the code of ethics and business conduct to discuss directly with their supervisor.

Additionally, we recognize that a team member may wish to anonymously report serious or sensitive concerns regarding the code or a possible breach of the code. If a team member has a concern regarding business ethics at one of our properties that they feel a need to report anonymously, they can do so at www.rezidorethics.com

The US-think tank Ethisphere has awarded Radisson Hospitality AB for the eighth consecutive year for real and sustained ethical leadership.

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