The Business School

Well schooled in business

The Business School is the learning platform for employees within the company. The School was created in 1996 because of a need to structure training and development, ensure consistency, streamline costs and continue to foster company culture. Furthermore, by bringing together individuals from different hotels, the opportunities for "talent spotting" increase. 

The Business School is constantly aligned with the vision, brand values and goals of the company. Courses are changed, updated, removed or added depending on the business needs. All courses on offer have an impact on the business objectives of guest, employee and owner satisfaction. It helps the company to positively influence revenue, quality and value and offers a thought-provoking, stimulating and enjoyable time for all who take part. 

International Business Schools take place four times a year with Area Business Schools throughout the year in different locations. The programmes are facilitated either by internal master trainers or by external consultants who are specialists in their subject.