Ownership Summary

Top 10 Shareholders

28th September 2018

  Shares Held Shares %
HNA Tourism Group 87,552,187 50.9%
Group JP Morgan 14,107,141 8.2%
Brown Brothers Harriman/LUX 6,790,754 4.0%
BNY Mellon NA 5,897,637 3.4%
Group Morgan Stanley 5,348,166 3.1%
Group Bank of New York 5,140,491 3.0%
State Street Bank and Trust CO 4,875,906 2.8%
Nordea Investment Funds 4,026,458 2.3%
Merrill Lynch International 3,250,708 1.9%
UBS AG London Branch 2,493,130 1.5%
Ten largest shareholders 139,482,578 81.2%
Others 32,364,287 18.8%
Total outstanding no of shares 28 September 2018 171,846,865  
Radisson Hospitality AB (publ) 2,541,992  
Total registered no of shares 28 September 2018 174,388,857  

Source: Euroclear Snapshot 2018-09-28

Shares % is calculated on number of outstanding shares.

As was further described in the company’s press release issued on 15 December 2017, HNA Tourism Group (“HNA”) had informed the company that, at the date of the press release, 10,600,000 of HNA’s shares in the company had been pledged as security pursuant to a loan agreement entered into by HNA. Since the press release was issued, the company has been informed by HNA that HNA has pledged additional shares as security pursuant to the loan agreement. As per 28 September 2018, in total 31,665,366 of HNA’s shares in the company have been pledged. The company has further been informed by HNA that, according to applicable rules and regulations, the pledged shares also during the time of the agreement shall be included in HNA’s shareholding. Please note however that the pledged shares are not included in HNA’s shareholding as set out in the table above (which is based on information from Euroclear Sweden as per the 28 September 2018). HNA’s shareholding as set out in the table above together with the pledged shares (in total 119,217,553 shares) represents 69.4 per cent of the total number of outstanding shares in the company.