The Rezidor Hotel Group utilizes part of repurchase authorization

07 Mar 2008

Following the authorization of the Annual General Meeting 2007 to repurchase shares to the extent that the company’s holding of its own shares following the acquisition at the most reaches one-tenth of all shares in the company Rezidor’s Board of Directors has decided to use up to 10 MEUR to buy back the company’s own shares.

Acquisitions will be made on the Stockholm Stock Exchange (Stockholmsbörsen) at a price that falls within the registered share price range at the time.

Acquisitions can be made from March 7th, 2008 until the Annual General Meeting 2008. However, no acquisitions will be made during the 30-day period prior to the public release of quarterly reports, including the date of release. The company releases the Q1 results on April 23rd, 2008.

Rezidor currently holds 1,025,000 of its own shares. The total number of Rezidor shares currently in issue is 150,002,040.