Dress to Impress – Radisson SAS Launches a Stylish Uniform Collection

26 Jun 2006



Further complementing and endorsing its market position as a contemporary hotel brand, Radisson SAS has recently launched a stylish collection of uniforms for its Front Office staff.

Fine lines, clear cuts, modern patterns and prints on free-flowing fabrics create a look that is eye catching yet subtly elegant. Special highlights with key accessories, such as ties and scarves, and corporate colours in buttons, stripes and pleats create a professional look with a hint of fun and excitement.

“Radisson SAS prides itself in being a stylish, upscale, innovative, contemporary, friendly and unpretentious full service hotel brand. And one of the many ways to genuinely demonstrate our core values is through the look of our hotels and our staff members”, says Gordon McKinnon, Senior Vice President Brands at Rezidor SAS Hospitality. “Our aim was to develop a stylish collection of outfits (not uniforms) that would not only be part of the clothing but a statement about the design and positioning of the Radisson SAS brand”, adds Gordon McKinnon.

The true essence of the new collection lies in the right mix of the new range and accessories. “We wanted to avoid a ‘Police Force’ look where everyone everyday wears the same clothes; rather we wanted our staff to have a choice of combining different shirts, jackets, skirts, trousers, motifs, cuts, fabrics and accessories to suit their own taste, personality and mood”, said David Dreschner, Vice President, Purchasing Services at Rezidor SAS Hospitality.

The new Radisson SAS uniforms will be produced by the company “Handon”. The actual tailoring will be done in Slovakia, while the fabric used will originate from Germany. “The supplier selection was based on Radisson SAS’ requirements for fabrics that would meet the brand guidelines, production procedures and design implementation and would adhere to the Radisson SAS Responsible Business policy and the EU legislation. The geographic coverage of our portfolio now reaches 50 countries and with many more projects in pipeline, it is absolutely vital that our supplier network is as vast as ours, so as to deliver the highest quality products in the most efficient manner and timeframe”, adds David Dreschner.

The new collection will be implemented in all 189 hotels in 49 countries before the end of this year. The design and production process started in the summer of 2005 to complement the contemporary image of the Radisson SAS brand. A selected team of designers, operations, marketing, brands and purchasing services of Rezidor SAS Hospitality have together established a style which is elegant, modern, fashionable and durable, and gives the flexibility to move comfortably while appealing to the individual sense of style.