PMR Africa Business Excellence Awards Radisson Blu Hotel Maputo the Best Executive Lifestyle Hotel in Mozambique

15 Jun 2015

On June 15th the Radisson Blu Hotel Maputo, was awarded the Golden Arrow Award for best Executive Lifestyle hotel in Mozambique at the annual Business Excellence Awards by PMR Africa.

The award is based on a survey where in the respondents rated the companies on 11 attributes, namely:

Adaptability; Attitude; Competence; Confidence level of underwritten; Financial strength of the underwriter; Full authorization to accept/agree claim; Innovativeness; Know-how of advisors; Quality; Reputation (i.e. perception of the company’s brand, integrity, CSI) and speed of processing.


  • Diamond Arrow: ranked 1st overall and rated at least 4, 10 out of 5, 00 (Equivalent to outstanding)
  • Gold: 1st or 2nd overall and rated at least 3, 75 (excellent)
  • Silver/Bronze: 1st/2nd or 3rd and rated at least 3, 40 (very good)


  • The awards are always the end result of a research process whereby companies, departments, institutions and individuals are nominated and rated by respondents against specific attributes or criteria.
  • A company, department, institution and individual cannot “enter” the research process but must always be nominated and rated by the respondents.
  • The ratings are always based on the perceptions of the respondents.