Rezidor: New hotels in Romania and Austria

01 Oct 2007



The Rezidor Hotel Group has announced two new hotels – the Radisson Resort Poiana Brasov, Romania (186 rooms, to open in Q4 2009) and the Park Inn Klosterneuburg, Austria (130 rooms, to open in Q2 2009). Between 2007 and 2009 Rezidor will open 20.000 new rooms in total.

Poiana Brasov is the “Queen” of Romania’s ski destinations – a mountaintop destination on 1.030 meters above sea level and featuring some of the best skiing facilities in the country; including a mega slope of almost 4.000 meters. During the summer months, Poiana Brasov attracts hikers exploring the Southern Carpatian Mountains. The Radisson Resort Poiana Brasov will be the first resort in Romania, “and underlines Rezidor’s goal to mount its presence in Eastern Europe and to further develop high-quality resorts in the region”, comments Kurt Ritter, President & CEO of Rezidor. Besides 186 rooms the property will comprise 2 restaurants, a bar, a spa- & wellness area on more than 1000 square meters, conference facilities and – during the winter season – an ice-skating ring. Adjacent to the resort an 18-hole-golf course is planned, too.

The Park Inn Klosterneuburg will be the 3rd Park Inn in Austria and is built in one of the country’s popular tourism destinations: Klosterneuburg is directly located at the river Danube and renowned for its extraordinary monastery as well as for the wine from the nearby wine yards. The new hotel features 130 rooms (including 7 apartment suites), a restaurant, a bar, conference facilities and a fitness center. It will be located in the green surroundings of the city near the monastery.

Facts and Figures:
Hotels Radisson Resort Poiana Brasov, Park Inn Klosterneuburg (to open)
Rooms 186 + 130